Monday, December 14, 2009

Not me Monday

This week while the hubby was helping the little man brush his teeth I did not hear the little man say "It taste like candy cane." I then did not ask the hubby what he put on his tooth brush. He did not reply that he put our tooth paste on it because he did not want to find the little mans paste. So now when we go to brush the little mans teeth he does not ask for the candy cane toothpaste and we do not give it to him even tough we are still working on the whole spitting not swallowing thing.

Also this week the little man was not given a very famous mouse shaped chicken nugget which he then turned over and began driving it on the table. I asked what he was doing and he did not reply that it was a car. I would never of thought that a mouse with large ears could look like a car if you flip it upside down but the little man knew.

Yesterday we did not take a trip to go see the big man in the red suit. The little man did not refuse to sit on this strange persons lap. So the hubby did not sit next to him with the little man on his lap so I could get a picture that looked a little like he was on his lap.

Happy Monday.

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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

What a cute picture!!! I'm terrified to see how my daughter reacts to Santa this year.