Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thank you Grandma

The little mans Grandma (my Mom) made him a new blanket and cute pumpkin hat. He is not quite sure about the blanket. He still wants to have his other one and if he does want to carry around the new one the has to have the original one also. I dont think we will ever be able to replace the original blanket but it is nice to have a back up.
The original and the new blankets

As for the pumpkin hat he does not like it. I think that it is so cute but he will not keep it on his head (its not just this hat it is every hat right now). I was able to get one OK picture of him in it.

Just before it came off

Thank you Grandma for the gifts they are very thoughtful.


Christia said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm TOTALLY from Washington though, and graduated from Fife High School. I saw your profile said Milton, WA, my husband grew up there too! Small world! Your little man is a doll, and I totally love the pumpkin hat! I'm going to make my boys candy corn hats for next year.

BundlebooMaMa said...

Your blog is adorable! I wish I new how to knit, is it hard? have you made wool soakers before I see that you cloth diaper as well.