Monday, October 20, 2008


At 17 months I did not think my son would become attached to a cartoon character since he does not really watch much TV, but he is. He loves Elmo. Anything that has big eyes or is red is called "mell-mo".

Today we were driving in the car and he was playing with a little Grover toy (pictured below with the underwear). He gave it a big hug, rocked it in his arms and called it "mell-mo". He than began to kiss it over and over again. It was so cute I wanted to pull over on the side of the freeway and take a picture.

He also has so many pairs of Elmo underwear that there is no reason that he cant wear Elmo everyday. Sometimes when he is wearing Elmo underwear he points to the Elmo in the front and says "mell-mo". The fist time he did it around my hubby he got all worried that he is going to start calling his pee pee Elmo.

Just a few of the many pairs underwear

Today when we were out at the thrift store I found him an Elmo Halloween outfit for 99 cents.

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