Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh no

Yesterday just before bed he was playing in his play room and I was in the kitchen doing dishes (like always) when he came running down the hall yelling "oh no". The first thing that I thought of was he went pee pee in his pants (that is wat he says when he has an accident). But at first glance they were dry. So I asked him where is the oh no. He went running back into the playroom and there on his picnic table was a puddle. No it was not what you were thinking it was just water from his cup. He had knocked his big boy cup over and wanted me to get him a rag so he could clean it up.

If you have not been over in a while or ever you have not seen what the playroom looks like so I added a few pictures of it when it is clean. I had to store away two boxes of toys, two riding cars and a rocking horse to fit his climbing toy in the room.

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meomagic said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I can't tell you how proud I am of you!!! You are a GREAT Ma Ma. That little man is very, very lucky!!