Saturday, May 31, 2008

We have a fence

Last Monday my Father-in-law and my husband started the fence around our pool. After eleven post holes dug and a half a dozen trips to Home Depot it is done and looks great. The fence has been three years in the works but my hubby was not motivated enough to do it until I told him that the little man wont be able to go swimming or watch anyone swim until the fence was done. Now that the fence is done he can start on the door knobs, kitchen cabinets, the trim and what ever else around the house that he still has not finished.

The little red fish helps keep the gate closed.

The little man says thank you Grandpa.

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Shutterstar said...

I didn't know you got your fence up! How cool! We can hang out at your house and talk while the kids play and no longer have to worry! I can't wait to swim! It's almost warm enough, we'll just keep praying for more sunshine!