Thursday, May 1, 2008

How to throw a fit

1. Start the screaming and crying.
2. Make sure there are real tears.
3. Try to play so Mom thinks you are done, but then get even more mad since that is not what you want.
4. Start hitting and throwing things. Push your toys away along with anything else you can find.
5. Crawl over to Mom since she is having trouble hearing you. Pull on her pants and scream louder.
6. Stop when you have moms attention and she picks you up. Repeat as often as needed.


Shutterstar said...

Karen your blog is sooo cute! You are so creative! I don't know your e-mail address. E-mail it to me at

*Michelle* said...

Hey Karen-- how does this Saturday look for meeting up at mom's for a little knitting instruction? :)