Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My little man is a big boy

My little man turned one this weekend. I just cant believe it. Where did the time go.
Here are some pictures of the crazy weekend.

Opening presents.

Eating wrapping paper. (Its not whats in the wrapping paper it is how it tastes)

Playing with his new wagon. (When he saw that it had wheels he knew it needed to go)

Eating cake. (He liked the cake)

My little cake monster.

I have noticed that since he is one I have even less time to do anything. It took me 4 days to type this blog and it is mostly pictures. Oh well, I am just living life and I am loving it.


*Michelle* said...

Cutie!!! Looks like he's lovin' some cake!

Shutterstar said...

Daddy's little boy! He loves chocolate cake! He is soooo stinkin cute! Judah is so happy he isn't zero anymore! The party was perfect! Good job mom and dad! Only 17 more birthday parties to plan, right? ha ha! We love you guys!