Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mommy and Me at the zoo

The little mans first time at the zoo.

Today we went to Mommy and Me a the the zoo as a family, but let me start at the beginning.

Yesterday my little man woke up with a fever. I did not think anything of it, I just thought it was from teething. At 11:30 am it was up to 103.7 which is a little on the high side for teething. I gave him some medicine but still did not think much of it because he was playing and being himself. At 5 pm I started to think something of it when the emptied his stomach all over himself, me and my friends couch. When we got home I gave him some more meds. and a cool bath. He now was not feeling well. I called my mom to get some reassurance that my son was going to be OK and we went on with our night. When it was bed time the little man did not want to sleep in his own bed so he slept with us, which means he slept but I did not. He was being so silly and sleeping with his feet up at our heads and his head at our feet.

It was a rough night. At about midnight I called the after hours nurse line. She told me that he was going to be OK and to not freak out. When we all finally got back to bed the rest of the night went well. When we got up in the morning I had decided that we were going to the doctor. When we got there at 9:30 am he was not running a fever and was acting normal. Oh but of course. When the doctor looked him over she could not tell us what was wrong with him. His ears looked great and his chest sounded good. So we paid $20 for her to tell use that our son was perfect which we already knew. So since there was nothing majorly wrong with the little man I had decided to still go to the zoo.

Now that I have you caught up I can talk about the zoo experience. My wonderful husband was in a "great" mood on the way there. There was lots of traffic, he did not have much sleep and when we got to the zoo there was no parking. We drove all around the parking lots but all we found was this 3/4's of a spot. Since we were in the Saturn we parked there. It would of been a whole spot if the person in the minivan next to us would of stayed in there spot. Once my husband climbed out on my side we were ready to go in, but he was still in a bad mood and now I was. We made it through the zoo saying very few words.

We did not see a ton of animals but it was a nice walk. I might try it again but next time we will come early and I will leave my husband at home if he is not in a good mood.

The little man and me looking at the walrus.

The little man got scared of the walrus and started crying.

The little man and his cousin. Thank you Grandma for the t-shirts.

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