Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yummy sand!!!

We took a nice little trip to the ocean on Saturday with our family, my hubby's parents and our niece. It was the little mans first time in the sand and at the ocean. He seemed to have lots of fun.

It was pretty windy but about 76 degrees, so it was not cold. I tried to keep a sun hat on the little man but the wind kept blowing it off, so he had to wear his puppy beanie.

The little man enjoyed a few hand fulls of sand and tried to eat a rock.

But we all still managed to have fun. Summer is just around the corner so hopefully we will make it to the beach a few more times then we did last year.

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*Michelle* said...

Wasn't it a beautiful day?! We didn't go to the beach, but we sure enjoyed that sunshine & warm weather! Hopefully it will com back soon.