Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sleeping like a baby

Yesterday morning was not very fun. My little man spent most of the morning crying. He was so tired but would not go to sleep and stay asleep. I tried rocking him, walking with him and even put him in the mei tai but nothing was really working. When I ran out of things to do I sat him down on the couch and started to fold laundry and before I knew it he was out.

Look at the couch lines on his face.

He slept there for about an hour. I did not want to move him but I also did not want to leave him there. So I thought it was time to move him to his bed. He slept there for a while longer.

When he did wake up he was so happy. But since he woke up from his nap at the time he normally takes a nap he was ready for bed at 7.

On the days that I plan to get things done around my house are the days that nothing gets done. Oh well, I would not change it for anything.

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