Monday, April 16, 2012

Paint me a picture

I asked The Littles to paint me a picture while I did the dishes and started dinner.
Most days I will let them help me with the dishes but today I just wanted to get them done without a gallon of water on the floor.
I moved the easel into the kitchen and I let them go to town.
I did have to lay down a few ground rules before they started.
1) Both children had to share the painting space (no fighting).
2) The paint is to stay on the paper (no painting your sibling).
Then they were off to paint me a picture.
I did not realize until I took this picture that The Littles were both picked out striped shirts today. I had nothing to do with the matching stripes. Both kids insist on picking out their own cloths and putting them on by themselves. Even though one little two year old needs help to get the clothes on the correct way most of the time but when it does not really matter I just leave it. Tonights pajama shirt is on backwards but its all good.
If there is an outfit or shirt that I want either one of The Littles to wear on a given day I have to do a little prep talk a few days before or otherwise I am in for a huge battle.
Back to painting.
Not long into their painting The Little lady was off to the bathroom to get a stool to sit on. The stool brought up rule number 3) Share the stool (dont push).
Before I knew it I was done with the dishes and The Littles were done with the painting.
There was no fighting, no pushing and no water on the floor. Win, win, win!!
They were so excited to show The Hubby the painting when he go home from work.
I think that they did an amazing job working together to create this work of art. Now to find just the right spot to hang it since The Little Man checks the recycling daily to make sure his artwork is not in there.
But this is much to beautiful for the recycling.

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kstrange said...

that is a true image of sibling love. Thanks for sharing. My oldest also checks the garbage and recycle for tossed magazines and other things that he wants to hold onto forever :)