Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter on the beach

The In-laws sold their trailer and truck a few weeks back and got a hotel on wheels motor home.
We met them at the ocean at the beginning of them month for a quick weekend camping trip.
The weather was perfect for kite flying and playing on the beach.
With his trusty shovel in hand The Little Man quickly got to work digging a whole and pushing around large pieces of driftwood.
The Little Lady had fun doing whatever her big brother was doing. For the most part The Littles really do a great job of playing well with each other. Just like any brother and sister they fight but they show off there loving side much more.
The Little Man stopped long enough so that I could get this picture of him with The Hubby in the background flying kites of course.
We were not at the beach too long before coats were taken off and earmuffs were ditches as the sun warmed up our faces and the sand under our feet.
But all of those coats sure made a great pillow for my head.
Wouldn't it be nice if everyday could just be a day at the beach?

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