Saturday, February 11, 2012

Birthday fun on the farm

Our family went to a birthday not long ago where everyone had a great time on the 'farm'.
First of all you cant go to the party with out bringing a little something for the birthday boy. I found this pattern a number of years back but I just never got around to making the pattern until I got the invitation to this party. Now I think I might just be hooked. The pattern was easy to follow and the end result was amazing.
I see myself making more of these in the future.
My favorite thing about the apron is the Velcro for the back strap. It makes it easy for the kids to take it on and off without having to ask for help with the strings.
I think that the birthday boy liked his gift and I have a feeling he will he wearing it often in the kitchen helping his mama.
While at the part The Hubby got some ink.
He may of been a little chicken to get the chicken. HAHAHA I know thats a corny joke but I just had to post the picture of him
The Little Lady found a chicken of her own.
She saw this blowup chicken when we first walked into the party and it was love at first sight. She kept asking to see it. I finally gave in and she played with it until we left to go home.
She even took it for tractor rides around the room.
Both of The Littles had a great time at the party and even came home with cowboy hats.
Now The Little Man has a new hat to wear when he plays Sheriff.
Watch out there is a new Sheriff in town and he mean business!!

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