Monday, February 20, 2012

Tow Mater

I am not to big on Disney/ cartoon character fan. So there are very few character items in our house. The kids really dont watch much TV and are not 'obsested' with any certain character. I like it this way.
The Little Man has a few movies that he watches every blue moon and he likes to pick out a DVD at the library every once in a while. Some days he watches a show on TV and others the TV is not even turned on in our house. We read about a number of characters that also have TV shows such as Curious George and The Cat in the Hat. We also have a good hand full of Cars books. I think that we live in a pretty good balance.
Cars was one of the first movies that The Little Man ever watched. There was a short period in his life where he really enjoyed Cars (right around the time The Little Lady was born). Probably a little obsessed. He started getting the Cars cars and he would drive them around acting out the movie. He finally got over his obsession and then Cars 2 came into the picture. He has still not see it and I dont really plan on him doing so anytime soon. One Cars movie is enough for our world.
But there came an opportunity in The Little Man life when he was able to come face to face with a life size character that we could not pass up.
We talked after the encounter about if it was the 'real' Mater and if there is a 'real' Mater.
He said he was not 'real' because he was not talking and he also said real cars dont talk.
He knows that the movie is a cartoon and that we dont live in a cartoon world.
'Real' or not he still thought it was cool to sit in the drivers seat and check out his tow hook.
Tow hooks are good for hooking on to little sisters hoods.
It was fun to spend the time looking at tow truck through the eyes of a child.

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