Monday, January 3, 2011

Deep in the woods of Washington

Far into the foot hills of the Olympic Mountains, hidden beneath all the trees lives a great woodland creature.
It is not a myth.
Some people might call him big foot or Sasquatch but not me, I like to call him my brother.
Since we were only staying a short drive away from my brother, we decided to stop by unannounced. He was very excited to see us and show us around the 120 plus acre commune that he now proudly calls home. It is a beautiful place surrounded by trees, ponds and animals. We enjoyed walking the trails. We never knew what we might find around the next corner.
There are many little houses built all over the property. Each one built by hand.
And each one unique.
This is the place my brother calls home.
It was a home like the little man had never seen before. After crawling in the small door it was really very spacious inside.

In the middle he has a wood stove that he uses for heat and some cooking.
I am so glad that we where able to do this surprise visit.
Until next time brother.

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