Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mr. Independent

The little man has finally mastered the task of going potty all by him self. He can now go in the bathroom, turn on the light, lift up the toilet seat, and do all by himself.
My goal before this bun decides to come out of the oven was to get him to go all by his self. Completed.
He has even been going number 2 with out a potty seat witch is so nice. Now he can climb up on to the toilet all by himself. The only problem with this is he can than climb down by himself and pull up his pants. Thus creating a mess on the potty and in his pants. Next step wiping which I have been told that takes along time.
Yesterday he was dancing around the living room when I asked him if he needed to go. He replied yes and than ran outside. Not really knowing what he was doing I followed him only to see this...

When I asked him what he was doing he replied "peeing grass." I guess I was asking for it. Since we ave been out and about this summer we have been doing lots more peeing outside. Hopefully when the weather gets a little colder he will venture back inside.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic!! And so cute :-) I enjoy reading this and remember situations I have had with my kids (1 and 3 y). My 1y old often goes to the potty and sits down, but she can´t pull the trousers down yet, so if I am not quick enough, it goes into the trouser of course... but it´s a start isn´t it?