Saturday, August 15, 2009

A few last days of summer

Friday night baseball. Our family had an enjoyable night at the Tacoma Rainier's game on Friday. It was one of the shortest baseball games I think that I have ever been to. Only 2 hours. Following the games there was fireworks. Last time we went the fireworks did not start until after 10pm and this game they were done and over by 9:20pm. It made it nice because the last game the little man fell asleep just before the fireworks and this game he was wide awake. We will have to see if we make it to anymore games this season.

Saturday morning Parade and Picnic. Our little town of Milton hosted there yearly "Milton days" on Friday and Saturday. The little man enjoyed watching the parade minis the clowns and the horns on the firetrucks. We all sat on the sidewalk sipping hot coco.

But half way through the coco made it thought the system and when you got to go you got to go.

The face of a very happy boy.

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