Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My new adventure

I decided a few days ago that I was going to start using cloth diapers a few times a day to keep the cost of diapers down. But to my surprise I really like them. I had some cheap 2x4x2 pre folds that I put on him with a pair of plastic pants on the outside. He thought they were really fun to pull down.

A few days later I sewed up a few 4x8x4 diapers out of flannel and a few old T shirts. They worked really well. They are much softer and more absorbent. (They look cute also) I also took a trip to Best Loved Baby in Tacoma and bought some snappis. Now he can wear the diapers around the house without the plastic pants. I am looking into buying some nicer covers. When I told my mom about what my new adventure she handed me about five yards of this really funky flannel. The diapers may look different but they should work.

The greatest thing about the cloth diapers is when the little man has to go poo it is much easier to get him on the potty. (It is REAL obvious when he is going) Monday I did not have to change a poopy diaper!!! He loves to sit on the potty.


*Michelle* said...

Lucky you! TLM's almost 3 yo cousin screams bloody murder if you even try to get him in the bathroom to sit on the potty. Sigh...

If you need more fabric, let me know! I have tons of diaper fabric-- sherpa, hemp terry, flannel, pul, etc, etc!!! Glad you finally jumped on the cd wagon. ;)

meomagic said...

OH my gosh!!! So-o-o-o cute, but he's going to hate that picture when he's about 18...ha, ha.