Sunday, July 20, 2008

A day with the family

Yesterday we went over to my sisters to celebrate her and her husbands 10 years of being together. We had a enjoyable time. The little man just made himself at home by playing with all of his cousins toys. My hubby and I ate so much food that we weren't really hungry for lunch today. My sister made a wonderful potato salad, and there were piles and piles of ribs. The little man just wanted to eat chips and cake. He does not know what he was missing out on.

The little man enjoyed the chickens and horseshoe pits. He kept calling the chickens doggies and even tried to climb over the fence. He also thought the horseshoe pits were a great place to sit down and throw sand. He was so dirty and tired by the time we went home he was asleep before we made it to the main road.

Check this out cousin

Hanging out with mom

Hi Grrandma

What a great way to spend afternoon, with family and food.

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*Michelle* said...

A dirty tired kiddo is a happy kiddo! :D Glad you enjoyed yourselves. We still have ribs & potato salad... and CAKE!!! LOL.