Friday, May 18, 2012


Yesterday The Little Man turned five.
My baby boy is five. One whole hand.
The Hubby spent the day with him and even went to school with him. The Little man was super excited and enjoyed every minute of it.
When he got home I surprised him with five balloons and card.
We had already talked with him telling him that we were going to do cake and gifts on Saturday.
We even let The Little man pick out what he wanted for dinner. Thanks to advertising he decided to we should have a big box from Pizza Hut.

Tonight both of The Littles are spending the night at The Inlaws.
This is my first night I have ever spent away from The Little lady.
I know she will be just fine but it just feels a little strange.
Tomorrow The Hubby and I are headed out to one of the local neighborhoods since they are having a huge garage sale.
We have gone out to the sales a few years now but this will be our first time venturing out with out kids.
It should be fun.

So I better take advantage of my night to myself and get off the computer.
I will leave with five pictures of The Little Man.

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