Thursday, November 10, 2011

My two little monkeys

I know that it is a week an a half passed Halloween but I guess I better post about Halloween now or I never will.
The Littles dressed up as monkeys.
They were the two cutest monkeys that I have ever seen.
The costume was so fitting for The Little Lady since she is such a little monkey. She just loves to climb, hang and swing. When you pick her up she wraps her legs around you and hold on tight.

The Little Man liked his monkey costume until he saw his friends at the harvest party wearing cooler costumes like cops, rockstars and super hero's. I tried to tell him that he gets to be those cool things everyday but only on Halloween he gets to be a monkey. It helped a little.
I also told him that next year we can work together and make him whatever costume he wants. He liked that idea and wanted to start right away. So to hold him off a little I made him a t-shirt with the COPS logo on it.
I just cant believe how big my biggest little monkey is getting.
I have really started thinking about him starting Kindergarten a lot lately. I am really up in the air about want I am going to do. Not only with myself but with him. Do I put him in school like most do or do I sigh up for a virtual or online academy? I just dont know. I am just glad that I have a few more months to think about this before I have to make a decision.
Even though the monkey costume was so fitting for The Little Lady she was not all that happy to be wearing it.
Even if you dont want to wear the costume Little lady you are still my littlest little monkey.
I dont know if next year I will be able to get The Littles in matching or 'themed' costumes but either way I just love the amazing memories we are creating together.
Last year they had themed costumes of a cowboy and a horse. Here is The Little Man sporting last years costume this year.
He decided to wear it a month ago to a friends wedding. They got married in a barn so the costume was very appropriate. I just love his creativity.
I wonder what he will choose to be for Halloween next year?

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