Friday, October 7, 2011

Between the rain showers

The littles are missing being able to play outside. Just a few weeks ago we were spending most of our days outside and now our days are spent inside longing for a fire.
So today, in between the rain showers,we got outside and enjoyed some fresh air.
The little man found some wood in the garage and managed to build a ramp to jump his balance bike off of.

When we first got outside I did not bring the camera with me but when the ramp started forming I knew I need some pictures of this.
In the time that it took me to run inside and get the camera and come back the ramp was finished and the little man had his helmet strapped on.
 After the little man went on the ramp for a few times the little land knew it was her turn to try it out.
Life is full of rain showers (especially here in Washington) but they wont slow me down. Sooner or later there will be a break and I will take the opportunity and get out and enjoy it. Maybe I will even put on helmet and take a little bigger leap.

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