Sunday, September 11, 2011


You know you have a true friend when..
 -she dose not mind sleeping on your couch
- she helps you fold laundry and wash your floors
- she dose not mind that your daughter puts her bottom in her face
- she dose not feel scared to ask if they can host her sons birthday at your house.
I am so very lucky to have a friend like her and my son is so lucky to have a friend like her son.
I just love to see the two of them play together.
Just a few weeks ago we created a very special gift for her son by converting a bike that they got for free into a homemade balance bike.
So with a little help from my whole family I was able to pull off the peddles and chain so that the boys could learn to balance together.
The little man has now learned to coast. He is still a little on the cautious side but he will get it really soon. I have no doubt in my mind by this time next year he will be riding his big two wheeler like a pro.

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kstrange said...

balancing is the way to go especially with friends. I think that's why Sammy is riding so quickly because he learned with a friend too. Great post