Monday, September 5, 2011

Eighteen months

Eighteen things about the little lady at eighteen months.
She can climb to the top bunk with out the ladder.
She enjoys coloring and most of the time it is only on the paper.
Her four eye teeth just popped through.
She loves her big girl bed.
Loves to play in the dirt and get all messy.
Just started talking up a storm and still uses many signs.
Animals make her squeal with delight but only from a far unless its on her terms.
Her hair is just now long enough to put into piggy tails and I can almost get it all into one pony.
Drinks from a cup like a pro.
Like to play with baby dolls but still enjoys playing cars with her brother.
Loves keys, cell phones and remotes.
She still loves to do things herself.

Still loves to brush her teeth and go potty on her own.
She does not let anyone push her around unless its on a swing.
She loves swings and could stay in one all day if I let her.
Loves to give kisses before bed.
She gives amazing hugs.
And she has a family that loves her right back.

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