Friday, February 18, 2011

The little man went to the farm

The little man went to a farm, EI EI O
And on that farm was lots of produce, EI EI O (Our new word for the week)
With a chomp, chomp here and a crunch, crunch there. Here a chomp there a crunch every where a chomp and crunch. The little man went to the farm, EI EI O.
 And on that farm he met a friend, EI EI O.
With a giggle, giggle here and a giggle giggle there. Here a giggle, there a giggle, every where a giggle, giggle.
The little man went to the farm EI EI O.
And on that farm he found some puddles.
With a stomp, stomp here and a splash, splash there. Here a stomp, there a splash, everywhere a stomp and splash. The little man went to the farm EI EI O.
And on that farm there was a tractor.
With a dig, dig here and a lift, lift there. Here a dig, there a lift, every where a dig and lift.
The little man went to the farm EI EI O.
That's the way the story goes. We also met some animals along the way.

(This cat followed us almost the whole way around the farm)
(This goat must like to get its picture taken. As soon a I walked over to the fence it came up closer. Or maybe it thought I was going to give it a treat?)
(This was the little lost chicken. On the other side of the farm were all the rest)


ksrange said...

You got some great shots! It was wonderful seeing you in action. It was definitely cold, but well worth it. Look forward to another farm walk in two weeks.

Megan, Maggie, Mama said...

love those puddle shots!

Amber said...

It's so important for kids to spend time on a farm and learn where food really comes from. Looks like you had a great time. Can't wait to see pictures of your new haircut!