Sunday, February 6, 2011

Its a new week

Some how I got lost in last week. I guess its a good thing to do every once in a while but it makes a very boring blog for all of you to read.
Here is a quick recap of what last week involved; a few hair cuts, many loads of laundry, and lot and lots of great family time.
It a new week now, so we are starting fresh.
The littles got baths. They both love to splash around in the water but neither one likes to get their hair washed.
It was so nice to curl up with both littles in the rocking chair and snuggle until both were sound asleep. It hard for me to believe that in less than a month the little lady will be a year old and even harder for me to believe that the little man is almost four. WOW!!
Not only do my kids get to start off the week clean but so does my sink.
This is the first time in forever, months, a long time since there has not been one dish in my sink. It feels good.
Its also nice knowing that there is a large batch of bread dough sitting in my fridge just waiting to be cooked tomorrow.
Its a new week.

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meomagic said...

Yes, It is very, very nice to have new weeks. And just think, we have four in a month!
Love You!