Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where did Wednesday go

My goal for Wednesday was to post a new picture of my baby bump (it is getting bigger). But as you can tell that went out the window.

So what did I do all day yesterday...

I never got dressed
Tried to clean the house
Cleaned the bathroom because it really needed it after the little man managed to pee all over it TWICE yesterday
Made some phone calls
Helped the hubby work on the truck
Made pumpkin puree
Made breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Washed some laundry
and I still managed to find some time to start and finish a new knitting project.

But the funny thing is...

I am still not dressed
The house is not clean
The bathroom smells like pee (again)
My tummy is telling me that it is breakfast time
There is still MORE laundry to be done, folded and put away
and I found a few more knitting patterns that are just calling my name.

This is just my life and I am loving it.

1 comment:

*Michelle* said...

Hee hee. Someone's got the baby girl knitting bug!:D