Monday, February 2, 2009

Shadows on Groundhogs day

Just like Punxsutawney Phil did this morning we saw our shadows also. (I am not looking foward to 6 more weeks of winter) Today was a beautiful day so I bundled up my little man and his friend and we headed down to the local park. They both sat very well in the wagon. I was able to get a nice work out also pulling 50+ pounds of kids up one hill on the way to the park and up an even bigger hill on the way home.

The boys had a great time playing. My little man just cant get enough of the big tunnel slide.

I guess I could handle 6 more weeks of days like this.


meomagic said...

Yes, wasn't today a good one?
Always love your blogs!!!

BundlebooMaMa said...

I am sooo looking forward to the cold season ending. Looks like you guys had a nice day...cute pics!