Thursday, February 5, 2009


I find myself these days letting the little man do thing that the hubby would never allow but it makes life 'easier.' Like, it is much 'easier' to clean up a little water than tell the little man 900+ times to stay out of the dish washer during the 15 or so minutes that it takes me to load it.

And it is 'easier' to let him wash his hair with the water than the dishes.

The only flaw to this whole plan was that the hubby got home from work early and saw the whole thing. I bet you that if he was at home all day he would find things too that would make life 'easier.'
What are some things that you do that make life 'easier?'


Rachael said...

I let my son eat messy things, tear his room apart, get really dirty outside. Mind you I really prefer things clean (including my kids and my house) but that's what baths are for. Life kind of sucks when all you do is say NO all day long.

*Michelle* said...

Oh please. :D You want a LIST?! Play in the dish water, brush his own teeth, wear the same shirt for days at a time, eat tortilla chips for breakfast, ignore rats in his hair, wear only one sock... almost anything is easier than dealing with a 40 lb 3 yo's tantrum! You are learning quick! So would hubby, if he were home all day with the little man! Pick your battles, and pick them well.