Friday, June 20, 2008

It is hard to say goodbye

Today I had a friend move away. Not only did one of my friends move but so did one of the little mans. Before they left we were able to walk down to the park and let the boys play together. It was so cute to see them both walking and chasing each other. It has been so much fun to have had the ability to watched them grow up this year together. It was great because they are only 2 months apart. I was so nice to have a friend close by that I was able to go on walks with and talk about life with. Even though they will be in California in the sunshine getting all tan and everything they will still be missed.

Little Man with Action Man

This afternoon when my hubby got off of work the boys went swimming. The pool was about 76 and it was about 80 outside. I was only planning on letting the little man get his feet wet with me but when he saw Dad in the water he wanted to join him. After they were dry and we had some dinner we all got into the green beast and drove down to get a milkshake. This was the little mans first ride in his dads hot road.

My hubby went and got the exhaust fixes this week so that it was not so loud and stinky. It was so nice to be able to go out as a family in the car. The sun is shining, the hot road is out, it must be summer.

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meomagic said...

Oh, I love you all!!!!