Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Homeschool lesson 1- Butterflies

Today we started our first (of many) lesson on butterflies.
We went over to a friends house and read a story and did a little art project. It may not sound like much but I really felt like The Little Man was catching on to some of the new concepts.
The art project was painting half of a butterfly on one side of the paper then folding it and leaving the print on the other side also. To show the kids how butterflies wings are the same (symmetry).
When I asked The Little Man what he learned about butterflies today he had many responses unlike when I would have him talk about school.
He said-
There are lots of different types of butterflies.
They like flowers.
They lay there small eggs on leaves.

We ordered our own caterpillars to hatch into butterflies this week and they should be here next week. I am super excited to see the look on the kids faces when the butterflies come out of their cocoons.

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