Friday, February 19, 2010

Learning to play baseball

Since the weather was so nice this morning we took a little trip down to the ball field to play a little baseball.
Before we made it down there the little man had to make sure that he had all of his gear. Hat, check. Baseball coat, check.

Glove, bat, balls, sunglasses, check, check, check, check.

He was all set and ready to play ball.

After many many pitches and many many swings of the bat the little man was ready to try his hand at pitching. Well, or should I of said hands. He is still a little undecided on what hand his is going to use. Whatever one he choose is fine with me.

Yes it is a glove for his right hand on his left hand. I guess my mom and I are the wrong people to buy baseball gloves. When I brought this glove home a few weeks ago the first thing the hubby said was why did did I buy him a left handed glove? And all I could say I did not notice. Well it might come in handy (sorry about the pun).

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