Monday, November 17, 2008

Asleep on the job

This weekend the little man was standing on a stool by the front door looking out the window. When he went to get off he fill into the living room and hit his chin on the hard wood floor. He started screaming and before I knew it there was blood coming from his mouth. When I was able to get a look into his mouth I saw that he bit both sides of his tounge. On Sunday morning he work up in bed with us and we noticed that he had a big bruise under his chin. In this picture that I took today you can really see the bruise.

He was so grumpy and tired today the only thing that kept him happy was for me to hold him. So I put him in the wrap and did the dishes. Before I was even done with them he was sound asleep. It was only 10:30 in the morning. So he slept until about 12:30. Since he did not have a "normal" nap he was asleep for the night before 8pm. (The has got to be a recorded in our house)

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